Too Hot To Handle: Potential Instagram Earnings

How much do the cast of Too Hot To Handle, including Francesca Farago and Chloe Veitch, stand to earn on Instagram?

Too Hot To Handle: Potential Instagram Earnings

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Dating shows are fast becoming the new direction that Reality TV is transitioning towards. Off the back of the continued success of “Love Island”, Netflix have started to dip their toe into the world of Reality Dating shows.

Whether it be “Love Island”, “Love Is Blind”, or the newest addition, “Too Hot To Handle”, these shows take flirtatious Tinder swipers and turn them into overnight celebrities.

For the stars of the show, the potential prize money at the end of the show soon becomes a mere afterthought once they realise how much they can cash in on their new found fame through modelling deals and guest appearances.

How much could the cast of "Too Hot To Handle" earn on Instagram?

One of the ways in which the stars of “Too Hot To Handle” will cash in, is through brands paying them to promote their products on Instagram.

Which is why we were curious about just how much of an impact appearing on a show like “Too Hot To Handle” has on your earnings potential through Instagram.

So we tracked how many followers each contestant had when the show first dropped on Netflix and compared it to how many they have as of April 29th to see how much more they could be earning now compared to before the show aired.

How much could Francesca Farago earn on Instagram?

As you can see from our findings in the table above, Francesca Farago is currently estimated to earn upwards of £6,500 for a paid post on Instagram. Not bad considering she was pocketing around £515 per post previously.

And there’s no doubts that Francesca will be using her enhanced Influencer status to cash in based on her existing Insta posts where she’s regularly postings snaps as part of her already existing partnership with Fashion Nova.

At her current rate of posting earning an estimated £515 per post she would be on course to earn £57,680 through sponsored posts. Now at the same rate of posting for January-March extended throughout the year that could turn into £735,504!

To put them 3 million followers into some context, that’s already more than nearly every “Love Island” alumni and she’s recently surpassed celebrities the stature of Rami Malek, Deontay Wilder and The Schofe himself.

No doubt those 3 million followers will come in very handy for her promoting her eco-friendly Fashion Label.

The other half of the new power couple, Harry Jowsey meanwhile, stands to cash in on at least £5,000 for each post that is sent out to his ever growing number of followers, an increase of 2019% to date

For some context to these potential earnings, if they stay together and each of them post 1 sponsored ad on Instagram per week, as a couple they could be earning £600,000 a year on Instagram.

Too Hot To Handle Followers.png

How much will Chloe Veitch earn on Instagram?

While Francesca has earned the highest number of new followers, on course to soon surpass a ridiculous 3 million new followers, Essex girl Chloe has increased her follower count by the largest percentage, experiencing a monster 34383% increase in 10 days.

To put that into context, she could have earned just about enough to buy herself a Big Mac Meal with the earnings from a sponsored post before the show aired.

Now however, for a paid post going to her 1 million+ followers, she could earn at least £2,000 a post. Needless to say I bet that her Instagram earnings will surpass what she was making as an Estate Agent.

Too Hot To Handle New Followers.png


Now the bit for the nerds.

The full dataset that we used can be found here.

We used Influencer Marketing Hub’s “Instagram Money Calculator” to predict estimated earnings, taking the median value of the range provided. Earnings are based on just follower count but also engagement rate on existing posts.

Estimated earnings are just that – an estimate in the name fun and curiosity.