Earth & Wheat

How we achieved a 105% surge in purchases through Paid Social

Cultivated unearthly revenue growth

How we achieved a 105% surge in purchases through Paid Social

Top Level Results

Increased revenue vs last year
Increase - bottom-line revenue
Marketing Efficiency Ratio
More purchases
Facebook & Instagram Ads.
Project Timeline
June 2023 - Present
Meta - Facebook and Instagram

Project Overview

Objective: Increase bottom-line revenue though online purchases & subscriptions via a tailored paid social campaign.

Background: Earth & Wheat, a renowned eco-friendly brand, witnessed some success from paid social in the past but really wanted to develop the strategy to focus on growth & bottom-line revenue. They recognised the potential of paid social media but hadn't yet tapped into its full power. They aimed for a year-on-year bottom-line growth via an uplift in new customer subscriptions.

Project Execution

As Earth & Wheat wanted to primary see brand growth we knew we had to focus the majority of the spend on audience outreach to completely new, cold audiences, something that the brand hadn't focused on before. Here's how we actioned this:

  • Tested various audience stacks based on their interests, location as well as broad and lookalike audeinces
  • Testes various creative formats from UGC ads, to value props, to customer reviews
  • Managed conversion budget across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok - up & down weighting according to results
  • Collaborated with Earth & Wheat's design team to craft compelling visuals that align with the target demographics ethos
  • By taking a 'Test & Learn' approach to ad creative as the key driver of performance we continually analysed and refined the approach in line with what top-line metrics were telling us by scaling ad winners, iterating on winning messaging and testing new formats to ultimately achieve great results

Project Results

  • Overall campaign had 15% increase in bottom-line revenue vs. previous period
  • 39% increased revenue from Paid Social vs. 2022
  • 8.3x MER
  • 105% more purchases from Paid Social (2023 vs. 2022)
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