Sway Me Good

How we surpassed our KPI by 230%

A powerful influence for Sway Me Good

How we surpassed our KPI by 230%

Top Level Results

increase in downloads
decrease in CPA
in KPI performance
Facebook & Instagram Ads. TitTok Ads.
Project Timeline
Jan 2023 - Oct 2023
Meta - Facebook & Instagram. TikTok

Project Overview

Sway Me Good is the latest Influencer Brand Partnership Platform on the block, and LoveUX was tasked with launching the App to both Influencers and Businesses.

Project Execution

This project was set out into 2 stages - Influencer Sign-Ups and Brand Deals. So in Stage 1, we set out to get as many Influencers, Micro-Influencers, Content Creators and UGC Creators onto the platform, ready for Stage 2 when we would market to brands. We did this by:

  • Specifically using platforms that our target demographic used the most - Instagram & TikTok for Influencers and Meta & LinkedIn for Businesses
  • Working with the App Developers to ensure tracking attribution was correctly set up to target post iOS14 devices
  • Taking a 'Test & Learn' approach to ad creative by launching new creative tests each fortnight then analysing, scaling and iterating on ad winners for the next round of testing, to ensure a constant flow of wining ad content
  • Managed budget, placements and platforms to ensure optimal results were achieved

Project Results

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  • 64% increase in app downloads
  • 73% decrease in Cost Per Click
  • App downloads KPI surpassed by 111%
  • 206K impressions
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